Transforming Berlin’s public plates

Together with Berlin canteen teams, we are working on enhancing the quality of communal catering in the city. Delicious, appealing and sustainable!

The cafeteria, reimagined

Kantine Zukunft is committed to the sustainable transformation of Berlin’s public catering sector. By providing proactive and long-term consulting in communal canteens, including culinary workshops, farm excursions and networking opportunities, we are teaming up with Berlin’s canteen teams to change the city’s public catering landscape in favor of higher quality and increased recognition.

It’s more than organic

Kantine Zukunft has set out to redefine cafeterias as destinations for nutritious, sustainable and tasty meals. We want to rethink your canteen together and create a sustainable menu that satisfies your guests, and benefits our environment and society. From kindergartens to hospitals: the free consulting program „Canteen Workshop“ supports Berlin’s public canteen teams in their efforts to transform their menus to include more organic, fresh, handcrafted and seasonal cuisine.

Towards a new cafeteria culture

> 60 Cafeterias

Over 60 public organizations across education, care and commercial services have successfully completed the canteen workshop.

12 districts

Facilities in all 12 districts of Berlin have joined us on this journey.

60% organic

As part of the canteen workshop, these organizations achieve an average of 60% organic across all food product groups.

> 25 thousand meals

The institutions that have taken part in the canteen workshop serve more than 25,000 meals a day. This means that Kantine Zukunft has an impact on over 9 million meals a year.

The Canteen Workshop

From kindergartens to hospitals: the free advisory program „Canteen Workshop“ supports Berlin’s public canteen teams in their efforts to transform their menus to include a more organic, fresh, handcrafted and seasonal cuisine.

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Kitchen Stories

Canteen workshop testimonials

Daniel Indlekofer

Head of the BSR catering department –
„Exchanging ideas with a professional like Patrick Wodni is always inspiring. He guided and supported us with the necessary steps towards transformation. Wodni and his team know what they’re talking about!“

Heike Breidenich

Process Organization at Havelhöhe Hospital
„We’re constantly in contact with Kantine Zukunft – which is great. Together, we’re pushing ahead with our own requirements and goals. Processes, purchasing, workflows: we want to be more organic, and we need help doing it.“

Andreas Ulrich

Managing Director of Widynski & Roick –
„I would advise every canteen to seek outside support and expertise. That’s how you come up with the new ideas for a successful, versatile menu.“

Christiane Oppler

Chef at the FRÖBEL kindergarten „Im Grünen“ –
„The practical tools provided by Kantine Zukunft have helped me to implement the changes and keep an eye on costs, but above all it was the close collaboration with Manuel Poschadel, my Kantine Zukunft trainer, who I can always call in a flash, that was really helpful!“

The canteen workshop, a needs-oriented consultancy program for Berlin’s communal catering sector, forms the core of Kantine Zukunft. The central lever of the canteen workshop is to increase the proportion of organic food to 60% without exceeding existing budget limits. Numerous public institutions in the city have proven that this works. From kindergartens to large state-owned enterprises, federal ministries, and hospitals, many institutions have been able to significantly increase their share of organic products thanks to their commitment and our support – and in doing so, have provided new impulses for their menu.

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Jetzt vorbestellen: Das Kantine-Zukunft-Kochbuch „Currywurst und Grünzeug – Rezepte für die Kantine von Morgen“

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