Towards a new canteen culture

Berlin eats in canteens! From kindergartens to senior living centers, from large corporations to recreational centers, from correctional facilities to hospitals – Berliners dine in cafeterias all over the city. Together with the kitchen teams, Kantine Zukunft is refining their menus.

Communal catering in transition


Every day, hundreds of thousands of meals are served in the canteens and cafeterias across the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region. That underscores the huge significance that communal catering can have for the sustainable transformation in our food system. Similarly, political demands and customer expectations for transparency, sustainability, regionality, and attractive plant-based dishes are increasing. Menues should be versatile, nutritious and delicious while remaining affordable and profitable.

It’s a difficult framework and a great challenge. Together, we can tackle this task and show that the transformation is a win-win for everyone!

Driving change …

… on Berlin’s plates

We believe that every Berliner has the right to good food. Delicious, sustainable, beneficial for the individual and the region.

… in the cafeterias

The cafeteria should be a place where people enjoy spending time. A place that stands for good food and excellent hospitality.

… in canteen teams

Sustainable change also means that the professional teams in the kitchens and their food are once again valued with greater appreciation. We want to motivate and inspire people in the kitchens, and we want everyone to taste it.

… in society

We are convinced that a change in communal catering will carry a lasting impact on Berlin’s food culture and make a significant contribution to the health and well-being of our community.

… in the environment

The health of our planet is largely dependent on our eating habits. Berlin’s public catering sector, accounting for hundreds of thousands of meals a day, is a powerful driver of positive food and agricultural transformation in the metropolitan region.

A collective effort to shape the future of cafeterias


To initiate this shift, we support kitchen teams with expertise, tailor-made tools, kitchen visits, job shadowing and various workshops. Kantine Zukunft’s consulting services are based on the „Berlin Method„, consisting of ten principles that guide the way towards sustainable public catering and a new cafeteria culture.

Inspired by the (socio-)political changes and encouraged by the success in Copenhagen, Kantine Zukunft has been shaping the future of communal catering together with public institutions around the city since 2019 as part of Berlin’s food strategy. The project is implemented by the organisation Speiseräume on behalf of the Berlin Senate.

A multifaceted program

Be inspired and learn

The „Kantinen-Werkstatt“ (canteen workshop) forms the foundation of Kantine Zukunft. This innovative and hands-on advisory program supports kitchen teams in adapting their processes and skills to the new requirements.

Canteen Workshop

At the table – in the field – in the kitchen

From farm excursions to canteen meet-ups, cooking workshops and innovative talks, Kantine Zukunft offers a variety of event formats for people working in Berlin’s communal kitchen and catering industry. Here you can acquire practical know-how, get culinary inspiration or exchange ideas with colleagues.


Campaigns & Publications

Through publications, and multimedia campaigns, we show what the future of canteens could look, what it might buy and how it will taste. We do this to support kitchens on their journey towards change and to transform the perception of food and work in canteens.


Jetzt vorbestellen: Das Kantine-Zukunft-Kochbuch „Currywurst und Grünzeug – Rezepte für die Kantine von Morgen“

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